Things To Remember When Training For Your First 5K

Posted on: 9 February 2017

There is a charity 5k that you really want to participate in. The charity group is one that you can stand behind but may be difficult to run behind. However, this is one of the very best ways to motivate yourself to run a 5k. There are a few things to remember when training for a 5k. This article is going to go over three things to remember when training for your first 5k or your first 5k in a really long time.

Let The Charity Motivate You And A Friend 

It can be very easy to donate the money to a charity, but when people show up and actually donate their time to a cause, it can be extremely powerful. When you are feeling down and it is hard to put on those running shoes, remember why you are even doing the 5k in the first place. It is also very helpful to get a friend that is passionate about the charity as well. This way, you and your friend are going to be able to motivate each other. You and your friend will have each other's back when one or the other is feeling like they do not want to train that day. 

Start Slow And Enjoy It

You do not need to lace up your running shoes and run a 5k the first time that you start to train. In fact that might be a very bad idea as your joints, muscles, lungs, and heart are not going to be used to it. The best plan is to start slowly and build up to the 5k. Starting slowly can be even walking a mile a day for the first week or two. This is going to get your body used to moving and get the heart working. Slowly start building endurance and increasing the workload. 

Buy Awesome Gear

Look good, feel good, and perform good. One of the most important aspects of training is going to be your gear. Yes, gear can look awesome and make you feel awesome. However, the gear that you choose is going to have a lot of utility as well. The most important piece of gear you are going to be buying are your running shoes. Go to a running store and talk with a professional on the type of shoe that you should buy. Enjoy buying the right gear and looking good while you are running. 

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